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sparking joy and collective effervescence 


Electronic Prototyping

Project Duration

10 Weeks

Sept'21 - Nov'21

Team Members

Arjun Gupta

Nandika Gupta

Raymond Wong

Amanda Kong

Angelia Gan

Tools Used


Adobe Illustrator

My Roles

Interaction Lead
& Concept development

Adobe After Effects

Rhinoceros 7

Keyshot 10



vision video

key features

Connection is a core need for people as social beings. Despite being more technologically connected than ever, people in our society are disconnected from one another and increasingly experiencing feelings of languish and loneliness.

Thus, to spark joy and collective effervescence  we built a collaborative experience public installation called, Bubblizer! We want to evoke the feeling of joy and play in a group of people by encouraging collaboration in a public space. Our solution intends to bring the element of happiness among strangers where they come in with no expectation but leave with a joyful memory of collaboration and play. 

Key Features
group 1776.png
The Bubblizer.png
group 2032.png
a collaborative, joy sparking public installation.png
group 1.png
Conceptual Map.png
Group 2176.png
Group 2177.png
Group 2069.png

View the Case Study

archetype understanding

our process

the issue

problem statement


target audience

our scope

design strategy

expected outcomes

sprint 1

the concept

wait !

learnings and observations

sprint 2

final concept

what does it consist of

how did we make it

how did we test it

learnings and observations

public response


final renders

Group 2179.png
Group 2179.png
Group 2179.png
Group 2180.png

The pandemic made us all feel a certain way. It was a feeling that none of us have experienced before...

Group 1745.png
Group 1769.png
Group 1745.png
Group 2181.png
Group 2183.png

Thus, Languishing is when you’re not mentally ill but not mentally healthy either

Group 2184.png

Despite being more technologically connected than ever, people in our society are disconnected from one another and increasingly experiencing feelings of languish and loneliness.

Collective Effervescence..png

Coined by sociologist Émile Durkheim

Group 1765.png

The sense of energy and harmony people feel when they come together in a group around a shared purpose. Pre-Covid, research shows that,
more than 3/4 of people found collective effervescence at least once a week and almost a third experienced it at least once a day.

so we asked,

Group 1779.png
How might we spark collective effervescence in a time of disconnection_ (1).png
Group 1779.png
Group 2185 (1).png

We wanted to connect people and foster collective effervescence within and between communities, big or small. There are some serious unmet needs. The social creatures within us crave for a basic need to belong and people are not feeling connected within their own self, let alone their families, communities or societies. 

Group 2186.png
Group 2187.png

Instead of the general double diamond design strategy, we chose the road of design sprints. This approach gave us flexxibility to pivot and adapt while being focused on the problem space. Moreover, this project was developed on the basis of real life testing through social experiments to reach the proof of concept we inteded. 

Group 1957.png
Prototype rapidly and fail early.png

To evaluate the sprints, we developed our rate of success matrix

Group 2189.png

The objective of the first sprint is to ideate installation and interaction concepts that spark joy amongst groups of people. In this first sprint, it was also important to test our proof of concept in it’s lowest fidelity and see if our hypothesis and assumptions were accurate. The learnings from this sprint were then built upon and improved in the following sprints.

19 (1).png
Group 2191.png
Group 1938 (1).png

To learn about all the nerdy jibber jabber and how we built and tested it click here!

IMG_3771 1.png
Screenshot 2021-10-10 at 10.33.png
Screenshot 2021-10-11 at 8.03 1.png
Test Observations.png
Group 2192.png
Where people stepped on.png
Group 2193.png
Group 1973.png
Group 1974.png

* Conversion as in the percentage of people who interacted with the prototype compared to all people that passed by

Test Learnings.png
Group 2195.png
Group 2196.png
Group 2197.png
Design Questions going forward.png
Group 2023.png
Group 2022.png
Group 2024.png
Group 2198.png
Archetypes – Two Types of Players.png

Going into sprint 2&3, this became the core principle of our experiment theory. 

Group 2199.png
The _joyful_ one in the room Will go out of their way to have fun with others Needs suppor
Group 2200.png
Group 2201.png

Using our insights from Sprint 1 we wanted to prototype a concept that is informed by our new design questions. Our goal with this second sprint was to take one step closer to our final concept. We want to get refine a more natural and exciting interaction model, and make headway in having our technical components functional.

This sprint was a technical assessment of our final solution. You can see the ideation and development of this sprint here.


The installation consists of multiple circular light-up platforms surrounding a bubble generator that activates when two or more people stand upon the platforms collaboratively. The intent of this setup is for people to collaborate with each other to achieve a common goal, finding joy. 

group 1.png
How do we visualize it_.png
Group 2202.png
Arrow 10.png

play leader notices the setup
and decides to hop on!

Group 2203.png
Arrow 10.png
Group 2020.png

seeing them the plat follower decides to hop on too!

and as soon as people hop on, the platforms light up and bubble machine dazzles the place

Making the bubble machine.png
A5BFDDB7-1A95-4710-B92D-4ABA0E535E39_1_105_c 1.png
Group 2204.png
Group 2206.png
Making the Platforms.png
Group 2205 (1).png
Group 2207.png
IMG_0407 1.png
IMG_4257 1 (2).png
Group 2208.png
Group 2208.png
Group 2208.png
Criteria of Success.png
Group 2209.png
test 1.png
test 20.png
test 25.png
Group 2212.png
Group 2213.png
Group 2067.png
Group 2067.png
test 22.png
test 22.png
Group 2065.png
Group 2064.png
Image from iOS 2.png
Group 2216.png
Group 2214.png
Group 2215.png

Curious to know the technical specifications and code? Drop me a text or email!

Concept Development
Final Concept
Final Deliverables
Group 1785.png
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