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let's create a fun experience to open up the conversation about sex


Human Cognitive

Project Duration

10 Weeks

Jan'22 - March'22

Team Members

Arjun Gupta

Lara Federspiel

Seth Stromberger

Tools Used


My Roles

Interaction Lead

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Rhinoceros 7

Khushi Bhatt

Adobe Photoshop



my role

vision video

key features

Due to negative conversations about sex and pleasure, people don't have space to embody, explore, and learn about their sexuality and pleasure without fear of judgment or shame. We are interested in exploring the topic of sexual competency. Sexual competency is understanding all things sex, from anatomy to self-pleasure and consent. Competency touches upon players' understanding of the topic and the ability to listen, learn, and teach others without spreading misconceptions.

Use Your Mouth is a game that aims to start healthy and comfortable conversations about sex with the hopes of normalizing this topic among Gen Z and Millennials. Use Your Mouth increases awareness and battles misconceptions around the topic seeded by lack of proper sex education by encouraging conversations with friends, family, and even strangers. Use Your Mouth combines a mobile app and a physical disk. The disk is the game board that displays conversation-starting prompts. 

I was the interaction lead for this project, thus I was responsible for carrying out ideating the communication and interaction between the app and the disk product. For developing successful interactions, I user-tested all the permutation combinations of how the user would navigate and experience the app and the product under the lens of diverse personas and scenarios, and possibilities. I further was a pivotal member in the design decisions and carried out final deliverables via developing visual assets along with my teammates.

Group 2275.png
Key Features
Group 2371.png
Group 2367.png

Use Your Mouth is a game that aims to start healthy and fun conversations about sex with the hopes of normalizing this taboo topic. Use Your Mouth brings awareness and battles misconceptions seeded by sex negativity by encouraging hilarious, open conversations with friends, family, and even strangers!

Untitled-1 copy 1.png

Ice Breaker Questions

The game starts with generating fun and welcoming conversation. The disk guides the players to open up about their sex lives through a series of prompts. We start with an ice breaker, describe your perfect day, and build up the intensity the more questions we get through.


Challenging Game Modes

The game keeps players on their toes! They may be thrown into a minigame at random, whether that be two truths and one lie or a 60-second hot seat to keep up the energy and push for those memory-making conversations.


Game Moderation

The disk is a Sexpert. With its holistic and unbiased knowledge on everything related to sex, the disk can alert and guide the conversation to address misconceptions brought up in conversation. On hearing any misconceptions related to sex, the disk would prompt and interrupt the speaker to correct them or ask them to justify their statement.


Endless Database

The game provides multiple topics and a healthy prompt bank to keep the conversation spicy and limitless. It allows players to reshuffle or gets more specific with their card prompts whenever they need a change. Whether the conversation is 10 minutes or 3 hours, the disk will not rest until they do. 


AI Generated Conversation Art

At the very end of every conversation, the players would walk away with something to start a conversation outside of the game. Beautiful pieces of AI-generated art will be created based on their conversation.

Group 2357.png
Group 2341.png

Emotional Analysis

The disk's emotion tracking visualizes when someone is nervous, excited, and everything in between. The touchpad on the disk holds an emotion tracking strip that senses heart rate, touch pressure, and body temp to determine each player's physiological reactions to the conversation. This helps facilitate talking about everyone's feelings towards these sensitive subjects and getting around them. The disk's AV system can also pick up the tone of voice, creating an even more accurate emotion prediction.


final prototypes

Use Your Mouth App

Use Your Mouth Disk

Group 12370.png
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-14 at 6.14-1.png
DiskMockups_1 1.png
WhatsApp Image 2022-03-14 at 6.14.png

Game Insights

Let's Talk about Sex, Together

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