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Restaurant Branding

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Project Overview


This was my first Graphic Design internship project, wherein I was challenged to create a brand design for the following prompt:

1. Indian Restaurant

2. Super high-end/chique

3. Based in New York

4. Called Chatterjee's

5. Sells super premium Indian food

6. The logo should reflect the culture it comes from - and where it currently exists

7. Can be colorful. Can be monochromatic. Your call.

8. Fonts used should rightly reflect the brand.

9. Tagline: Tastier with each bite.

10. Add this logo into the following real life setups - Menu + Packaged Food/Drink + Champagne Bottle.

Logo Design


This is the logo I designed for our brand. I tried to incorporate the maximum to create this minimalistic look. To make illustrate my motive behind this design I'll give some background about the picture that I painted about this restaurant on reading the prompt.


The brand is imagined to be set on a busy Manhattan Street, with a beautiful view of the sunrise. The interiors of the place are minimal yet with a royal appeal, with some beautiful paintings all the way from ancient Calcutta (West Bengal), with slow jazz music playing in the background. 

I tried to create a blend of the Traditional Bengali culture with the modernism and enthusiasm of New York City in the logo. The font choice is slim and minimal yet a little artistic, showcasing the simplicity of people of Bengal with the fun and passion for arts in New York. The little red symbol, is called a 'Bindi' a traditional coloured dot-sticker Indian women wear on their forehead as a part of their day apparel. This specific Bindi with beautiful little strokes is famously worn around by Bengali Brides and is considered extremely auspicious. The Logo mark is a Saxophone turned as a cooking cooking pot, which is yet another beautiful imagery of love between the two cultures. 

Menu Design


Bottle Design


Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 07.09.14.png

Food Package Design


Screenshot 2020-11-20 at 07.08.52.png
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