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who loves to think, innovate & design to make the world a simpler place :)

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selected works

Airline Re-branding Project

creating a luxury brand extension for an airline company and designing the complimentary ecosystem.

Graphic Design  //  UI/UX Design


SCADPro Fitness Challenge

Created a smart concept to revolutionise the way the disabled community perceive physical and mental fitness.

Graphic Design  //  UI/UX Design


Geriatrick: A Future Teacher

created a smart app for our older generation to keep pace with the modern technology without any dependency.

 UI/UX Design


App Redesigns

Recreated User Interfaces of some common day applications.

UI Design


Restaurant Branding

created a brand image for a restaurant during a Graphic Design Internship.

Graphic Design 


CoMotion 2021 Pitch

Created a Branding pitch for CoMotion 2021, a SCAD Motion Media Club Event.


3D Modelling

Designed an Expo Booth Design in Rhino 3D 

3D Modelling

Designed a space helmet 3D model

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SelfPortrait via Coding



To hone my UI/UX skills, I decided to take up the daily design challenge, creating interaction and concepts for 100 consecutive days.



Every year, when Tim Cook takes the stage and puts on a show, delivering the " Best Ever" apple products yet, and we all go gaga over it, there runs a whole another world of designers who immediately mocks the Steve Jobs out of them. "Android did it before, haha", "Ah. Same ol' stuff again", "Apple is done" these sentences have become extremely common. Well not just as an apple fanboi, but as a true admirer of great design, give me a chance to illustrate why Apple's Design is rather highly underrated. Learn More

Apple is Highly Underrated! yep, you read it right !


"2020 is the worst possible year ever. Period." Lets agree we all said it atleast a hundred times this year. Right? Well, yes, whats happening is extremely unprecedented and unfortunate but we need to look at the bigger picture, a deep dive into WHY is it happening and WHAT has it taught us like no year could've ever done. Agree or not, but 2020 has changed the humanity forever. Lets find out why. Learn More

Why 2020 was the "best" year for humanity?



about me

helloo there! I'm Pranshu & I'm a User Experience Design student at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

I've always been the curiously nerd kid, you'll find in every classroom, who wants to know about everything, from the minutest details to broader objectives. Well, this nature has helped me develop a totally unique outlook towards the world. In short, my life transitions between the "Why" and "Why not", and between this journey is where I found my passion for User Experience Design.


Throughout my school life I've been a Science Student, and what it has taught me (along with millions of fancy terms) is the importance of critical thinking and constant experimentation to find the ideal solution. As a UX designer, I aim to transform complexities of the world into elegant and human-centred solutions using visual design, rapid prototyping and interaction skills. 

In my life-chase of making everything "even better", I could create works that can improve the daily lifestyle of people. As a person with weirdly high empathy and ambitions and energy, I strongly believe I can do something valuable to leave a strong and memorable impact in the world.  

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Feel free to reach out if you liked my work or have any questions ! 

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